BOMBitUP APK Download v. Latest Version [September 2023]

Bombitup APK Download is a widely searched term on Google, but most users don’t know what it is and how to use it. Well, the Bombitup app is a great application that allows you to add a fun twist to your close relationship. With this application, you can surprise your friends, family, or someone special by sending them prank messages and missed calls that might annoy them a little.

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Bombitup apk is a android app that offers a lot of super cool features for free. The application allows you to do things like sending a large number of messages, making a lot of prank calls, bombing someone’s WhatsApp or email, and even doing international pranks.

This is not enough if we talk about this app, to know more you must read the below guide where we have discussed everything about it like what it is, How you can download it, its installation guide, features, and a lot more. But, if you are already familiar with it, then you can directly check the download section.

What is BOMBitUP

BOMBitUP APK is an android application that allows you to prank your friends, family, or any loved one by sending them prank messages, missed calls, funny emails, WhatsApp messages, and more. According to app developers, they promise that the app will make you laugh by seeing the targeted person’s funny facial expressions.

The app is similar to other prank apps, but the best part is that it is cost-free. This means you don’t need to pay any single rupee to prank your friends with this amazing app.

BOMBitUP Screenshots

Bombitup apk Screenshot 1
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Features of BombitUP

One of the main reasons this application is popular over the internet is its features. Bombitup has many exciting features that make it the best prank app ever available on your Android device. Some of the best features are:

  • SMS (Message) Blast
  • Miss Call Blast
  • Whatsapp message Blast
  • Email Blast
  • Easy to Use
  • International Targeting
  • Bulk Targeting
  • Custom SMS
  • Spam Protection
  • Message Scheduling
  • and a lot more.

Didn’t understand any features? No need to worry; below is a short guide on the feature and how to use it. So, please read it carefully, as who knows which part can make you laugh.

SMS Blast @BombitUP

SMS Blast or Message Blast is one of the most used features in the BOMBitUP application. The feature allows you to send prank messages to the targeted number with just one tap. This means you can blast a lot of messages at the same time just by targeting the number.

The Message blast would be the best prank on your friend; just imagine any person receiving hundreds and hundreds of tricks and fake OTP messages until you stop the prank. I guarantee you would be unable to control your laughter after seeing your friend’s reaction.

Miss Call Blast @BombitUP

Another popular feature of this awesome prank app is Miss Call Blast. Miss Call Blast is an exciting prank you should try on your friends.

Under this prank, add your friend’s number as “Prank Target” and tap the “Blast” button. After you click the button, the targeted number will start receiving a lot of prank miss calls from unknown numbers.

This means the number you requested will receive a lot of prank missed calls from different numbers. The best part is that you can also set the Miss call count (The number of missed calls you want to make).

WhatsApp Messages Blast @BombitUP

With this app, you can also send prank WhatsApp messages. To do so, you would first need to click on the menu and Select the “Whatsapp Messages Blast” option; there, you will find a form that will ask you to enter Prank Target “Targeted Whatsapp Number” >> Then Set the Message Count >> And tap the “Blast” Button.

Under this option, the number you requested will receive a lot of prank WhatsApp messages from different numbers.

Email Bomber @BombitUP

Another awesome feature of this app is Email Bomber. The email bomber allows you to send a prank as well as a business email to your chosen email address. With this, you can import or manually add the email addresses to which you want to send mail.

Remember, If you want to send a prank email, then you would only be able to send prank mail 1 chosen mail at a time. This means you can’t send prank emails to different mail addresses at the same time.

Other Features of BOMBitUP

Other features of bombitup apk
Bombitup features

Easy to Use

Bombing Prank messages or prank missed calls with this app is easy. You just need to enter that person’s mobile number (With whom you want to play a prank), set the count (Number of messages or missed calls), and adjust the speed. That’s all that you need to do and see that person’s funny reaction.

Custom SMS

You can also send Custom messages with this BOMBITUP app. This means whether you want to surprise your friend on his/her birthday by sending a “Happy Birthday to You” message from hundreds of different numbers.

If you do anything like this, they will thank you, or you can also use this feature as a prank purpose.

Bulk Targeting

The Bombitup is not just a prank app, this superb application is also used for Business marketing purposes. A lot of small and large business owners use this apk, not to send their buddies prank messages but to send their customers new offers and alert messages.

If you are a business owner and want some leads, then you must try this app with this you can send messages to hundreds of users at the same time. Just you need to do is to launch the app>Go to Bulk Targeting tool>Manually add or import number list> Type in your Text “For example – Any offer, Update or other”> and tap the “Send Now” Button.

Spam Protection

Suppose your friends prank you by sending you many messages or calls with this app. Then you have an option of “Spam Protection”. Spam protection is a new feature introduced by BOMBitUP developers @RomReviewer to help protect you from many annoying messages.

To protect your number with this feature, add your number under “Protection Form” and comment below the last 4 digits of your number with your name. The number added to the form will be secured, and you will not receive any prank messages or prank miss calls.

Message Scheduling

One advanced option available in this application is the Message Scheduling option. Under this option, you can schedule the time and date when they want to start the prank. This Message scheduling option is only available for messages; you can’t schedule your prank missed calls or WhatsApp messages with this option.

To use this message scheduling option, you must select the “Schedule Prank” option while adding the number under the SMS bomber to use this message scheduling option.

Download BOMBitUP APK

Bombitup Download

Here is the download area for the newest Bombitup APK. The app has become very popular in the past few months, and today, more than 10 lakh users in India have downloaded it. The latest version of the APK file is v4.4.2.3 and it requires 9.38MB of storage on your Android device.

The Bombitup app is unavailable on the Google Play or Apple app store, but it doesn’t mean you can’t download it. A download page button is attached, redirecting to another page on our site, where the APK file is available for download.

So why wait? Download it now.

Remember: If the download doesn’t start automatically to download, then you can press the download button once again.

Legal Disclaimer: We do not have any app or illegal content. We are against stealing and don’t support any illegal or related content in any way. Please understand that this is not the official website of Bombitup. This is only for informational and fun purposes.

Bombitup v4.4.2.3 Changelog

There are a lot of new stuff introduced, fixed and removed in the laest version. Below is a list of all the fixes, addons, and features intoduced in v4.4.2.3.

Release Date: 1 Hour Ago
Latest version: v4.4.2.3
Bombitup Protection List [Added]
Welcome Screen [Added]
Bombit Count [Enable]
Error 4.4 [Fixed]
Minor issues [Fixed]

Download Old Version

Bombitup launches its new updates on a regular time to provide users with the latest and new features. However, some users prefer to use the old version for various reasons, such as device compatibility, personal preference, simplicity, and the most important functionality of the older version.

There are also some other reasons why users prefer to download Bombitup’s old version, such as:

  • Maybe the device is not compatible with the latest version
  • Maybe they like the older version instead of the latest one
  • The older version may have more features than the latest
  • Maybe the previous version has lower resource consumption

These are some of the reasons why users prefer to choose the old version in comparison to the latest version. Now, if you also want to download the old version, then you can simply download it by following the below easy steps:

  • 1st Step: Click on the “Download Old Version” and it will take you to the download page.
  • 2nd Step: There you can find all the old versions with your requirements
  • 3rd Step: Choose your preferred version, that meets your device’s requirements
  • 4th Step: Click on the “Download APK” and the Download will begin.

After downloading the older version, you would need to follow the installation guide which is mentioned below.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can download the previous version of this app. Remember, to download the apk file only from official websites like ours or from any trusted sources, and make sure to update your apps for the latest features and security.

How to Download BombitUP on your Android Device?


As mentioned, Bombitup APK is available for free download on our website and other third-party app stores. Here at our website, the app and its version are tested and confirmed by virus and malware scan, which means it does not contain any malware or virus.

Downloading the app is easy; you need to follow a few steps. Here’s how you can download this SMS bomber on your Android device.

To download APK, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Firstly, open the web browser and Search for “Bombitup APK Download”

Search for Bombitup

Step 2. From the search results, click on the official website i.e.,

Bombitup Official site

Step 3. On the website, you will find a “Download” Button. Click it, and the download will begin.

Download the Bombitup app

Step 4. Next, make sure to allow unknown sources. You must go to Android Settings >> Security and enable the Unknown Sources option (As shown below).

Allow unknown sources

Step 5. After Successful download, install the APK file and launch it.

Install the APK File

Bombitup app for IOS (iphone/iPad) Device

If you are iPhone or iPad (IOS) user and want to use Bombitup to prank your friends then we are sorry. As, of today the APK is only available for Android users and probably you know that we can’t run Android versions on our IOS devices.

But if you still want to use it, then you can try Bombitup online webpage. The Bonbitup online will work as same as the apk, but the condition here is that you would need to stay active on the page while sending messages or calls.

Tip: Bookmark or site, as if there is any update for BOMBitup for iPhone then we will update you on our website.

Bombitup APK for PC

The Bombitup application is originally designed for Android devices, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use this APK in Pc. As of today, a lot of users are seeking to use this app on their Pc or laptop as the PC/Laptop/Windows/Mac screen makes it much easier to use and enjoy any application as compared to smartphones. So, for those users, below is a short guide on how to download and use Bombitup on PC.

Remember: If you had directly downloaded the Android version on your PC. Then prefer to delete it as it would not work on your PC until you follow the below “BOMBitup for PC” guide. So, make sure you read and follow each step carefully.

  • Firstly, Download any Android emulator (BlueStacks, Memu Player, or any other)
  • Next, install the emulator
  • After installation, Click on the icon to launch it
  • On the Home, you would find Chrome
  • Open it and type in and go to the URL “”
  • There, download the APK file >> After downloading, simply install and launch the app.

Alternative: If you don’t want to install any of the above-mentioned stuff, then you have an option of “Bombitup Online”. The webpage will work as same as the app. But the only issue is that it is limited to a few options like “SMS Bombing” and “Call Bombing”.

Bombitup Online

Bombitup Online is a unique web tool that offers users to send prank messages, anonymous text, spammy missed calls, and even WhatsApp messages, without even downloading the APK. The Bombitup online works as same as other Call & SMS bombers available online.

The online version was launched as a beta project in which options are limited to Prank SMS bombs, Bulk Miss call bombs, and Whatsapp spam bombs.

If you want to use Messages (SMS) or call Bomber online, then you can directly visit the Bombitup online page and play pranks without installing the app.

How to use?

Bombitup Tutorial

Pranking your friends with this SMS/Call Bomber is easy. You need to follow these simple and boom.

  1. First of all, Download and install the APK as instructed before.
  2. Next, open the App, and you will find some options on the homepage.
  3. Select SMS bombing or Call Bombing (according to your wish), and a form will appear.
  4. Enter the number, and set the number of SMS or calls you want to make.
  5. At Last, accept the conditions and press the “Start” button.

Important: Make sure you stay active on the App while playing pranks.

How To Know Who Is Sending Messages From BOMBitUP?

Sorry, you can’t know or find the individual who is sending you prank text messages from Bombitup. This means you can’t check which one of your friends or family member is trying to prank you.

If you are receiving messages or calls in bulk and getting a little annoyed then you can file a complaint to the nearest police office and the police will find the prank artist by tracing the IP address.

Remember, if you know that someone is just trying to prank or little annoy you, then you should take it as a prank or directly stop the messages by protection list.

How to Stop Bombitup Messages?

If you are receiving a lot of messages or calls and want to stop them, then you can try the protection list. The protection list is a tool that blocks your number from the server and no one will be able to prank you.

To use it, Simply Go to the “Protect me” tool, and there, enter your name and Phone number and just click on the submit button.

This will stop all the calls and messages that you are receiving from Bombitup.


What is Bombitup?

Bombitup is one of the most popular SMS, Miss Calls, WhatsApp, and Email bomber apps, through which you can prank your friends by sending unlimited prank messages or calls.

How to Use Bombitup Online?

Firstly, download and install the app >> Next, launch it >> In the app, Select Bombitup SMS or bombitup miss call >> Next, Enter the mobile number, Call/SMS count, and choose the speed >> At Last, Click on “Send” button.

Is using bombitup 100% Safe?

Yes, bombitup is a 100% safe and reliable prank apk for Android devices with a strong reputation and positive user feedback.

Is the bombitup app free or not?

Yes, the bombitup app is totally free. This popular app allows you to prank your buddies and family by sending them prank messages and calls without any hidden fees or in-app purchases.

Is Bombitup APK compatible with all Android devices?

Yes, the apk latest version is compatible with all Android devices running on Android 4.1 or higher.


In conclusion, there are a lot of prank apps on the internet, but the best one would be Bombitup as its features like easy to use, sending unlimited SMS, Unlimited missed calls, bomber count, and more features make it stand at the top.

In short, it will be the best SMS bomber for Android device. So, why wait? Download Bombitup APK on your Android devices and try sending prank SMS and missed calls to your friends, Family, or any other individual.

Note: Bookmark this BOMBitUP official website for further launches and update.
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