BOMBitUP Protection List

Protection List: Receiving a lot of irritating messages or missed calls from Bombitup and searching for something that can help you to stop those messages? If you are searching, you can now relax as your search ends here.

Here’s the protection list that will protect your number from prank sms and missed calls from BOMBitUP. To use it, you need to add your number by following the “protection me” guide (explained below) and wait for the list to be updated.

The list will take a few hours to update, but once the Protection list is updated, your number will be blocked by the SMS bombing algorithm, which means it will stop bombitup messages. So, read the instruction below without wasting your time and submit your number for protection.

BOMBitUP Protection List

Bombitup Protection List is a special campaign launched to protect the users who are receiving a number of annoying messages and missed calls from BombitUp.

To Get protection, fill out the below protection form.:

It will take a few hours to update the protection list, so you must wait until the update. If You can contact us directly if you quickly want to stop the bombitup messages, directly contact us.

Note: The list and all the numbers are reset every 3 weeks. This means you must re-submit your number after the list is reset. But, if you want to permanently protect your number from fake SMS and fake missed calls, you can contact our team by contacting us page or commenting below.

How does Bombitup Protection List work?

How does Bombitup Protection List work

To stop prank SMS (Messages) and calls on your number, you must follow the below easy instructions.

  • 1st Step. Tap on the above form and type in your Full Name.
  •  2nd Step: Enter the number you want to protect from prank messages and calls.
  •  3rd Step: Verify the captcha to confirm you are not a robot.
  •  4th Step: Tap the Submit button, and your number will be added to the list.

After submitting your number, our algorithm will verify whether you are pranked by our application or any other. If our, then within 24 hours, it will be added and updated in our protection list.

Once the number is added to the protection list, it will be blocked by our algorithm, and no one will be able to send you prank messages, or prank miss calls through our app or online website.

The good point is that the list is only visible to our team, which means no one can view or check whether you are protected.

How to stop Bombitup Messages

How to stop BombitUP with Protection List

To stop the bombitup messages and missed calls, you need to follow the below easy and quick guide:

First of all, Tap on the above form >> Enter your Full name (First name and Last Name) >> Next, Enter your phone number (Which you want to protect) >> Verify the captcha to confirm you are not a robot >> At Last, Tap the “Protect Now” button to submit in protection.

Once submitted, it will be verified by our algorithm, and after confirmation, it will be added to our protection list.

Many readers would have a question: how will they know whether their number is protected with a protection list? Well, first of all, there is no need to worry about it or have a solution.

After submitting your number to the Bombitup protect me form, we will inform you by sending your confirmation SMS. You must submit your number and relax, as no one can irritate you.


How to Secure My Number from SMS Bombing?

To Secure your number from SMS or Call bombing, simply add your number to the SMS bomber protect my list. You can block your number from receiving fake messages and calls.

What is SMS/OTP bombing, and how to prevent?

SMS/OTP bombing is generally played by one friend to irritate and prank another friend by sending many messages and OTP. To prevent it, you can ask your friends to stop or directly visit the sms bomber app to request your number for protection.

Can I Find out who is sending unwanted messages?

Sorry, You can’t find out who is sending you these unwanted messages. But you can be secure by using protect my number tool available by Bombitup.


Message and Miss Call bombings are increasing day by day. They are pranks, only if they are in limited numbers; a huge number can be irritating. If you are receiving unwanted messages, then first of all, ask your friends or someone closer and tell them to stop if you are not still looking for someone sending you many messages.

Then, you submit your number in the above Protection list, and we promise you to stop those annoying messages. Please share us with those friends, family members or someone who receive these unwanted messages.

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